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Construction Document and Form Templates

The construction document and form  templates you find here are developed by contractors for contractors.  Most of these templates are already configured for Excel complete with formulas and layouts necessary to save you time and run any successful construction company.

The best part is that you can edit them for yourself.

That’s right!  Customize, modify, change, reword, or whatever – until it fits your style.

Whether you are a General Contractor, specialty trade, Project Manager, or Design team member, 30,000 customers world wide give us the impression you’ll find what you’re looking for.  If not, let us know – we’ll make it for you!

Construction Template Downloads

Our Services

Construction Office Online

Construction Office Online has been developed by a Contractor for Contractors. We understand and appreciate the quickly evolving value and importance of technology in our industry and we’re committed to providing this technology in user friendly applications for all aspects of the construction industry.

Our long term goal is to develop templates, software and online applications for use all over the world. Our experience allows us to create these specifically tailored for construction companies with the entire building process in mind.

Looking for a solution customized to your business? We have you covered. If your sales volume is over 10 Million per year, we have a solution that will fit perfectly. Stop worrying about overhead of hardware appliances like IT Department staff, servers, routers, and associate network infrastructure necessary to be efficient and productive. Your central point of management will be online where everyone can access what they need, when they need it. Collaboration will be at a new level.

To learn more about the Construction Office Online – Web Office Suite, contact us now at 1+(888) 699-6960 and ask us about upgrading your company to a new web based management solution.

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