Refunds and Cancellations

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Refunds and Cancellations

Terms of Use – Terms of Use

Refunds and Cancelations

Due to the un-recoverable nature of digital downloads, we make every effort possible to provide you with information and opportunity enough to make a decision toward purchasing either templates or services through Should you have any question related to either a product or service, please ask us prior to agreeing to the Terms & Conditions required to complete the purchase process.

Returns/Refunds for Downloaded Items

Should you receive a file that was not explicitly described in your purchase order, an error generally caused by a technical malfunction on, we will request your participation in resolving the problem and provide you with the correct template listed in the Purchase Order.

As digital downloads distributed on this site do not contain encrypted source and are not bound to a particular domain, machine, or any other special identifier which would enable us to verify use, we do not provide nor offer a refund policy of any kind except as specifically identified in the individual product descriptions.

By accepting the Terms of Service during the checkout process, confirming your order and downloading the templates, you agree to these terms.

Please, be very careful, we do not refund.

We want to make every reasonable effort possible to ensure a rewarding experience with Please contact us regarding any issues or questions you have at any time.