Construction Contractor – Contracts and Forms

Construction Contractor – Contracts and Forms


144 of the most commonly used documents to standardize the ways and means of your construction related business


Included Forms:
Contracts,   Estimating,   Subcontractor,   Office,   Payment & Change Orders,   Bonds, Liens & Notices


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144 – document templates to form one of the most complete sets of documents for construction including Excel files that can be customized with your company information and logo.

These documents closely resembling the AIA and AGC formats and will save you time as you can quickly modify each one to suit your specific needs while maintaining the standard verbiage.

Compatible with PC and Mac, this package provides the standard agreements and contracts in Excel format that can be saved to your computer and used over and over again.

Create a more professional image of your firm by adding your own logo and company name to many of these documents.


Included Forms

101 Contract – Owner and Contractor
105 Standard Form of agreement between Owner and Contractor
107 Abbreviated Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Contractor
108 Contract between Engineer and Contractor
109 Contract – Engineer and Owner
110 Standard Agreement Between Contractor and Subcontractor
111 Contract between Subcontractor and Contractor
112 Abbreviated Contract between Contractor and Subcontractor for Projects of a Limited Scope
114 Contract – Subcontractor Proposal
121 Standard Agreement Between Owner and Construction Manager where the CM is also the Contractor
142 Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect
143 Contract between Architect and Owner
146 Contract – Demolition of Building Structure
147 Contract – T&M_Time and Materials
148 Contract – Addendum
149 Contract – Proposal
151 Contract – Independent Contractor
153 Contract – Promissory Note
154 Contract – Transmittal
167 Contract – Residential – House Demolition
168 Contract – Residential – Repairs
171 Contract – Residential – New Home
172 Contract – Residential – New Home + Fixed Fee
173 Contract – Residential – New Home + % Fee
174 Contract – Residential – Specifications for New Home
175 Contract – Residential – Specifications for Remodel
179 Contract – Residential – Proposal
191 Contract – Rescission Statement to Owner
192 Contract – Rescission Statement to Subcontractor
195 Contract – Rescission to Contractor
210 Bid Plan Log
214 Time and Materials Log
215 Estimate Sheet
218 Job Estimate
220 Telephone Bid Sheet
223 Itemized Proposal
226 Job Cost Report
230 Take Off Estimate
235 Time and Materials Estimate
240 Request for Proposal Log
250 Overhead Calculation
401 Subcontract & Contractor Contract
405 Independent Sub Statement
406 License Verification
408 Potential Back charge
409 Potential Back charge Log
410 Back-charge
411 Back-charge Log
414 Non-conform Work Notice
415 Nonconforming Work Log
418 Credit Application
419 Credit Information Request
425 Subcontractor List
429 Supplier List
502 Transmittal
503 Submittal Log
504 Minutes of Meeting
506 FAX Cover
507 FAX Log
508 Memo
509 Memo – Log
510 Phone Log
511 Phone Conversation Record
515 Insurance Verification Log
520 Petty Cash
525 Project Payment Summary
530 RFI – Request for Info
531 RFI Request for Info Log
540 Financial Statement
550 Bar Schedule
560 Insurance Specifications
561 Request for Substitution
601 New Employee Info Sheet
605 Daily Time Sheet
610 Disciplinary Notice
613 Notice of Dismissal
615 Unsatisfactory Work Perform
619 Drivers License Verification
620 Employment Application
625 Employee Evaluation
630 Expense Log
641 Release Medical Records
705 Certificate of Completion
710 Change Order – Subcontractor
711 Change Order – Log
712 Change Order Transmittal
713 Change Order Request
714 Change Order Request
715 Change Order Request
720 Purchase Order Request
721 Purchase Order Request Log
722 Purchase Order
723 Purchase Order Log
740 Notice of Unpaid Invoices
742 Transmittal for Collection
745 Collection Report
747 Stop Check Payment
749 Stop Check Payment – Log
750 Past Due Reminder
704 Substantial Complete
705 Certificate of Completion
706A Affidavit Release
707 Consent of Surety
801 Notice of Intent to Lien
802 Final Lien Release
803 Partial Lien Release
804 Conditional Final Lien Release
805 Conditional Partial Lien Release
810 Satisfaction of Lien
811 Notice of Non Payment
813 Claim of Lien
814 Notice of Contest of Lien
816 Sworn Statement for Owner
817 Sworn Statement for Lienor
828 Notice of Commencement
831 Notice of Bond
832 Public Construction Bond
833 Lein Transfer Bond
834 Performance Bond
835 Notice of Contest of Claim against Payment Bond
836 Conditional Payment Bond
837 Notice to look to Bond
838 Conditional Payment Bond
839 Waiver to Claim Payment Bond
840 Notice to Owner
841 Notice to Contractor
850 Notice to Proceed
853 Notice to Proceed-Contractor
854 Notice to Proceed-Subcontractor
901 Project Info Sheet
903 Daily Construction Report
910 Drawing-Log
912 Deficiency Notice
914 Field Change Report
915 Field Problem Report
916 Design Problem Report
917 Photo-Log
919 Material List
920 Field Work Order
945 Punch List
959 Video Log
960 Tool List
967 Equipment List
970 Safety Meeting
976 Accident Report
988 Warranty


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