C2 Reprographics Work Order Template

C2 Reprographics Work Order Template


C2 Reprographics Work Order Template in excel



This work order form is for C2 Reprographics. It is an excel based template with everything already formatted.

This template saves TONS of time. Instead of writing your work orders, you can fill out this template, save it to a file, and email it off.

I use my printer as a fax machine, so when I’ve saved the template, I simply fax it to C2 and I’m done.

What used to take me almost 10 minutes to do this now takes me a little over 2 minutes.


What do I get?

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Here are some features you might appreciate about this template:

  • Many of the calculations are automated
  • Simple to use (the hard work of setup is already done)
  • Saves time and Looks Great
  • Use this template over and over.
  • Easy to customize for your specific needs

Specifications / Requirements

These templates are in Word and Excel format for Microsoft Office for PC or Mac.  Some of these templates come with PDF versions.  These are for printing and entering information by hand.  All PDF template files accompany actual Word or Excel templates you can configure.

You will need one of the following software applications to use this template:

NOTE: Some features, formulas, and or function may not work outside of Microsoft Excel and may need adjustments.