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Cost to Complete with Schedule in Excel. Never wonder where the project stands with costs.

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Never guess how much money your project is going to cost again. Using this Excel template will help you determine your costs to complete the project from the beginning. Want a snapshot of where you are financially in the project without going through Accounting? This is the way to go.

You can use Microsoft Project and build resources assigned to each task item, but I like this template because it’s easy and affordable! My foreman can easily review and edit the cost to complete based on real world situations instead of inside my office.

This template also works as a Three Week Look-ahead. Superintendents, Foremen, Project Managers, and accounting can all see the same projections and manage their projects more effectively. Talk about cash flow projections! This is the best way I’ve found to do that on the fly.

While we’ve made this template for construction, it can really be used for any type of project management where tasks are associated with costs.

With this template, simply enter the task name and assign the appropriate people per task on specific days. You can also assign Material and equipment costs to each task to completely understand your cost to complete the project.

These templates are very powerful and accurate. Of course you can modify these templates as you need for your specific taste, but the hard part of designing this template is complete. Add your business logo, name, and other company specific information to deliver a professional impression.

Compatible with PC and Mac, this package provides the standard agreements and contracts in Excel format that can be saved to your computer and used over and over again.

Included Forms

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Using the power of Microsoft’s Excel, this template in excel is perfect for quickly building a basic construction schedule and look ahead as well as developing a cost to complete to help determine cash flow for the duration of your projects.

Don’t spend money on expensive applications without first trying this template. This excel template has saved me lots of money and time and is easy for my employees to use. I think you’ll agree.

Your download link will provide you with an excel file to download. This will be one file that you should save somewhere on your computer for use.

What do I get

This template come preconfigured and formatted ready for you to enter your own information. There are some tasks already included in the template to give you an idea of how the template works. Simply replace the tasks with your own and you are on the way to getting a closer look at costs to complete.

By the way, this form looks great and is presentation ready for clients, vendors, subs, and your construction team.

Here are some other features you’ll find in this template:

  • Every other row is highlighted a contrasting color for clarity.
  • Template is ready for editing as soon as you download.
  • Easy to use
  • Daily labor is calculated automatically – just enter the day rate of your labor
  • Cost to complete is already configured at the top of the worksheet
  • Date automatically adjusts the days and month indicators at the top.
  • Know your daily manpower, production rates, and costs.
  • Clean and easy to use features.
  • Professional style at an affordable price
  • Reuse template over and over again
  • Establish time-lines everyone can understand
  • Office 2010 format (You’ll need the free Microsoft conversion tool to use this template in older versions of Excel – download here)

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These templates are in Word and Excel format for Microsoft Office for PC or Mac. Some of these templates come with PDF versions. These are for printing and entering information by hand. All PDF template files accompany actual Word or Excel templates you can configure.

You will need one of the following software applications to use this template:

NOTE: Some features, formulas, and or function may not work outside of Microsoft Excel and may need adjustments.


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