Acknowledgments & Attribution

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Acknowledgments & Attribution

Over the years, I’ve come across many different resources that have helped me understand and master my skills with Microsoft Office. I’m not the only one who has benefited by these resources and I don’t think it would be fair to keep them to myself.

So here are some of the most excellent resources available to you, particularly involving Excel.

Mr. Excel is one of the largest resources for information about Excel. Bill Jelen, in our opinion is probably one of the savviest Excel gurus. Through, he provides resources like learning and reference materials, forums, blogs, and even consulting for immediate or special needs. In case you’re wondering – yes, we’ve bought some of his learning material and have spent countless hours reading through posts and forums.

ExcelUser is an outstanding resource for examples, explanations, and learning resources for Excel. Online since 2004, you are not going to get bored browsing the site. We enjoy their blog and the straight shooter approach to making Excel work for business.
This is definitely one site you should visit.

Microsoft’s Excel Blog

Not for the faint of heart but if you are really into Excel and want to know the latest updates by the software giant’s developers as it relates to Excel, then this is the place to be.


OzGrid provides ample Excel resources for training and development for the do-it-yourselfer in you. We’ve spent a lot of time going through the free downloads and even bought one of the training packages. This was one of the best investments we ever made. is a simple to use website for the Excel users. You won’t find confusing VB code here as their blog-style site provides outstanding screenshots and easy to follow tutorials. If simple is what you are looking for, then bookmark for your next Excel tweak. was very inspirational to us as we realized that Excel was more than just a grid of cells. Though you won’t find much in the way of help regarding your specific Excel projects – these guys are hard-core integrators of Excel for automated routines that surround any enterprise operation. is an outstanding resource for “How-To” tutorials with step by step instructions and screen shots to boot. You’ll enjoy the Web 2.0 interface and personal writing style of this site. is more of a blog than anything else but has served us well over the years. We’ve mostly found this site by using the good ole “Google tech manual” (that’s search engine) and in the results have found posts from the This site is very informative with nice step by step instructions.

Of course one of the best resources we’ve found for ideas, learning, and really just getting to know Excel has been the developers: Microsoft. The best place to start within Excel is to simply press the F1 key and start searching for the operation you are trying to perform. They have also really tuned up their web help over the years where help now includes video tutorials and step by step instruction with you doing the work as you move along. Definitely the first place to start!

Where would we be without Jon Wittwer and his Jon is, in our opinion, one of the top Excel gurus. Over the years, his contributions to the Excel community through his many sites and forum posts have been nothing less than informative and inspiring. Vertex42 provides an impressive gallery of ready to use (and affordable) templates ranging from business finance to personal management. This is a must visit site regardless of your needs.

Designing Excel spreadsheets since the late 80’s, Debra Dalgleish at knows her stuff. Through her books, website, and forum posts, we’ve watched, read, and learned a lot from her over the years. Not only did we grow in our knowledge of Excel, but we also learned a little about Access as well.
Though we don’t know Debra personally, we certainly appreciate her contributions to the Excel community.

Ok, so this one is not exactly all about Excel, but that’s not really the point. has shown up on occasion as we’ve search the depths of the web for help, advice, and examples. But we remember this site proving to be more helpful than we expected as you’ll see they have other tips and tricks completely unrelated to Excel, but all of it interesting.

Advanced Excel

Jason Khoo, author of the site, can see the benefit of Excel in business and so he identifies everyday process and simply defines how the operations in Excel would work. If you are just getting started and stepping outside the shoes of an Excel user and wanting to know more, this is a good place to start. You’ll find simple to follow tutorials and videos, brief but concise definitions of Excel terminology, formulas and even macro programming (or VBA). We him a thumbs up and wouldn’t discourage you from visiting.

Central Desktop

Connect your people and collaborate faster. Central Desktop’s Social Technology Platform provides a complete SaaS solution for businesses to collaborate and manage projects while connecting your people.


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A couple of years ago we found software for doing takeoffs and estimates Easily, Quickly, & Accurately. The software was PlanSwift version 8.7. At the time we were floored (sorry for the pun) by how much quicker it made our bidding work.

Tech on the

If you want a straight forward index of topical subjects in a simple and clean format – this is the place. not only has great tutorials and explanations for Excel but they cover a wide range of topics for other MS Office products and then some.
We’ve found these guys to be very helpful and highly recommend adding them to your collection of bookmarks.