Residential Construction Schedule in Excel (5-day, 7-day & Weekly Schedule Bundle)

Residential Construction Schedule in Excel (5-day, 7-day & Weekly Schedule Bundle)


This Residential Schedule package includes the Excel templates to quickly build 5-day, 7-day, and Weekly Schedules. Get All Three.


Get all three Residential Construction Schedule Excel File Templates in one download!


How do you keep track of the construction processes? Whether you are a homeowner, builder or designer this (construction schedule template excel) is definitely one resource you should use. This is the perfect construction schedule using Microsoft excel with a Gantt chart that automatically adjusts based on task items and dates.

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Get all three Schedule templates:  5-Day,  7-Day,  & Weekly Excel templates in one bundle!

Construction Schedules in Excel for commercial projects help the manager navigate through the job in the most efficient and effect way possible saving money and satisfying your clients need for a speedy project.By the way, you can use these schedules for more than just your commercial construction projects.  Use them for projects inside your business too.  Make strategic plans using these schedules.

These templates come in two versions ready for Microsoft Office 2003 and 2007.


These construction schedule templates for excel are excellent for quickly building construction schedules for any type project. This template is already loaded with primary tasks and sub tasks – so implementing your own information will be very easy! See an example on YouTube– (This will open up a new window).

Don’t spend money on expensive applications without first trying this schedule template. This excel template has saved me lots of money and time and is easy for my employees to use. I think you’ll agree.


These templates come pre-configured specific to the residential or commercial industries which means you save time by modifying only the tasks you need. The rest are loaded into the schedule already – so basically you’re almost done as soon as you start. If you buy now you’ll receive all three schedules with your download link.

  • Clean and easy to use features.
  • Check out the YouTube video
  • Professional style at an affordable price
  • Reuse template over and over again
  • Gantt bars automatically fill in the dates of performance
  • Color changing to indicate ‘percent complete’ automatically
  • Red bar to show today’s date clearly
  • Scroll bar inside sheet so you can see your tasks and scroll the bar chart>
  • Supercharged help inside the sheet
  • Establish time-lines everyone can understand
  • Indicate owner provided items

Specifications & Requirements

This template is an Excel format template. You will need one of the following software applications to use this template:

  • Microsoft Excel (Office 365 and Desktop)
  • Works with Excel 97 and up
  • Open Office

NOTE: Some features, formulas, and or function may not work outside of Microsoft Excel and may need adjustments.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
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