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Contracts for Construction. Owners, Builders, & Architects

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Product: Contracts for Construction. Owners, Builders, & Architects


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Closely resembling the AIA and AGC formats, these forms are sure to save you time as you can quickly modify each one to suit your specific needs while maintaining the standard verbage.

Compatible with PC and Mac, this package provides the standard agreements and contracts in Excel format that can be saved to your computer and used over and over again.

Create a more professional image of your firm by adding your own logo and company name to many of these documents.

Package Details

Forms Included:

  • 101 Contract - Owner and Contractor
  • 105 Standard Form of agreement between Owner and Contractor
  • 107 Abbreviated Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Contractor
  • 108 Contract between Engineer and Contractor
  • 109 Contract - Engineer and Owner
  • 110 Standard Agreement Between Contractor and Subcontractor
  • 111 Contract between Subcontractor and Contractor
  • 112 Abbreviated Contract between Contractor and Subcontractor
            (For Projects of a Limited Scope)
  • 114 Contract - Subcontractor Proposal
  • 121 Standard Agreement Between Owner and Construction Manager
            (where the Construction Manager is also the Contractor)
  • 142 Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect
  • 143 Contract between Architect and Owner
  • 146 Contract - Demolition of Building Structure
  • 147 Contract - T & M (Time and Materials)
  • 148 Contract - Addendum
  • 149 Contract - Proposal
  • 151 Contract - Independent Contractor
  • 153 Contract - Promissory Note
  • 154 Contract - Transmittal
  • 167 Contract - Residential - House Demolition
  • 168 Contract - Residential - Repairs
  • 171 Contract - Residential - New Home
  • 172 Contract - Residential - New Home + Fixed Fee
  • 173 Contract - Residential - New Home + % Fee
  • 174 Contract - Residential - Specifications for New Home
  • 175 Contract - Residential - Specifications for Remodel
  • 179 Contract - Residential - Proposal
  • 191 Contract - Rescission Statement to Owner
  • 192 Contract - Rescission Statement to Subcontractor
  • 195 Contract - Rescission to Contractor


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Here are some features you might appreciate about this template:

  • Many of the calculations are automated
  • Simple to use (the hard work of setup is already done)
  • Saves time and Looks Great
  • Use this template over and over.
  • Easy to customize for your specific needs


This template is an Excel format template. You will need one of the following software applications to use this template:

  • MS Excel (2000 and Up)
  • Google Docs
  • Open Office
  • Quattro Pro

NOTE: Some features, formulas, and or function may not work outside of Microsoft Excel and may need adjustments.


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