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Q: How do I Unzip a file
FAQs - Using Templates

A: We like using 7-Zip

Many of the files on ConstructionOfficeOnline.com are in zip format which allows us to:

  1. Reduce the file size and speed up downloading. 
  2. Package multiple files into one download.

You'll need to decompress or "Unzip" the files before using them. 

Here are some simple instructions based on different software utilities


  1. Right-Click on the file ( i.e.  schedules.zip )
  2. Click on 7-Zip in the menu
  3. In the sub menu, select the option you desire (we recommend selecting Extract to [filename] where the filename is the name of the file you are unzipping )
  4. This will create a folder in same location as the .zip file with the name of the file as the folder name.
  5. NOTE:  We recommend using your Desktop or your default “Downloads” folder as a temporary location for files like these..
  6. Once the extraction is complete, you can browse to the folder and access your file(s).


Windows (XP / Vista / 7) default:
Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 provide a function by default that will allow you to open compressed files.  
This may not work if other compression software is installed on your computer like WinRAR.

  1. Right-Click on the file ( i.e.  schedules.zip )
  2. Click on Extract All…
  3. Enter the location of where you would like to save the file (We recommend using your Desktop or Windows Default)
  4. Click Extract and wait for the process to complete.
  5. By default, a window will open when the extraction is finished.  Inside, you'll see your file(s).



  1. Double-click on the Zip file.
  2. It should expand automatically.
  3. A file or folder with the same name (without the Zip) should appear.
  4. Drag the contents of the Zip file to the desktop (or another location). When you do this, you will be copying the information from the Zip file to the computer. This will be your working copy of the data from the Zip file.
  5. Close the Zip file window. You may keep the Zip file or delete it.


Programs for file compression:

  • 7-Zip - This is a free utility and works fine: www.7-zip.org (ConstructionOfficeOnline.com Recommended)
  • Winzip - This is a free utility and works fine: www.winzip.com
  • PKzip - This is a free utility and works fine: www.pkware.com
  • J Zip - This is a free utility and works fine: www.jzip.com

We recommended using 7-Zip.

Q: My computer gives me a message that the file/form has a virus
FAQs - Using Templates

Please don't worry.  None of these templates have viruses.

Some of the templates we sell work by using something called Macros.  This is a sort of programming that goes on in the background and is inserted into the template file.  Generally, if your security levels are set High in Microsoft Office, you will receive a message that warns of a potential virus.  Simply follow the instructions given in your version of software to lower your security levels so that you will not receive these warnings any longer.

Q: Do I need any other software to use these templates?
FAQs - Using Templates

A:  That depends. 

Most people already use Microsoft Office but if you don't have MS Office, you can try OpenOffice or even Google Docs.  However, not all software is the same and may require additional changes to the template.  That is to say that we have seen some formulas fail to import into other productivity platforms like Google Docs. 

OpenOffice is free and very much like MS Office. 

Q: My computer is giving me an error
FAQs - Using Templates

In order to use .pdf forms (.pdf is Portable Document Format), your computer must have a recent version of the free Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, no earlier than 4.0 but preferably no earlier than 5.0.

These forms (.pdf) do NOT work in Microsoft Word or any other word processing program, they ONLY work using the Adobe program(s) or another compatible .pdf reader.

To download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here.  This will open a new window where you can download and install the latest version.

Q: How do I keep the buttons from printing in the excel file?
FAQs - Using Templates

You can Right-Click on the edge of the button once.
When the menu comes up, Right-Click again on the edge of the button.
Left-Click on Size and Properties

Properties window - Click on Size and Properties

In the window that comes up, click on the Properties tab.

Size and Properties window - Click on Properties tab

Click the box for Print object to uncheck it.
Click Close.

Now you can print your schedule without the button showing. Do this for any other buttons that may be showing in your print preview.


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