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Checklist of Project Documentation
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man_and_womanPerhaps you've been through this a hundred times before.  Perhaps, you're just starting out.  Either way, it has been proven that when any task is organized and followed closely by a list, efficiency is the greatest gain.  Add on to that, quality, and these two money making (or loosing) factors make it worth while to check and double check your list.

Here is an example of a Project Startup list.  This list comprises just the basics and will require your fine tuning according to the specific needs of your project.

At Project Startup

  • Logs
    • Submittals
    • RFI
    • Drawing
    • Change Order
      • Sub COR
      • COR
      • PCO
      • CO
    • Delays
    • Material Procurement - Long Lead Items
    • Phone
    • Correspondence
    • Transmittals
    • Permits
    • Back charges
    • Safety meetings
    • Site orientation of subs/staff (security)
    • Players
    • Invoices
  • Daily Report
    • Sub
    • General Contractor
    • Inspector
  • Delay impact report
  • Budget
  • Pay requisitions
    • Certified payrolls
    • Subcontractor completion reports/logs
  • Safety
    • Meetings Held
    • Written Safety Programs
    • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Meeting Minutes
  • PM Diary
  • CPM schedule
    • Target baseline
    • Updates
      • Narrative of changes
    • Final as-built
  • Photos & video tape


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